Monday, 7 November 2011

Keepsakes Go Back Home

After a very successful and well received showing at Bridgwater Library during October, the Keepsakes canvas has now come down.  Individual boxes and photos are ready for participants to collect from Victoria Park Community Centre, or see Keith Barnard or Allan Blake.
A fantastic, collective piece of art work showcased to, and appreciated by, the wide community - well done everyone!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Final Piece.. Unveiled!

Come and see the final piece created by the local community who attended the Keepsakes workshops over the summer. Sophy did a brilliant job putting this colourful map of Bridgwater all together and I think it looks great! 
You can see this at Victoria Park Community Centre in Bridgwater, Somerset from 14th Sept 2011 to 2nd Oct 2011. This is being exhibited as part of Somerset Art Weeks.

Many thanks to everyone who came and supported this project! It wouldn't have happened with you folks!

Click on the images to see it bigger

Monday, 5 September 2011

Keepsakes Final Portraits

These portraits can also be seen during Somerset Art Weeks in the foyer of Victoria Park Community Centre, Bridgwater from Wednesday14th September.

Click on the image to view as a slideshow

Nisha Haq - Photographer

Nisha has been studying Photography, Graphic Design and Sociology at Bridgwater College for the past 2 years.  She decided to assist for the 'Keepsakes Project' after becoming involved in the recent SAW ltd project, ‘Chilton Generations Together’ project. She designed the logo, set up the blog, took visual records for the project and has continued her work documenting for 'Keepsakes'. This September Nisha is off to study Photography at Southampton Solent University.

For more information visit… Website / Facebook

Third Session 31.08.11

Your Memories

Some of our new participants had memories of getting lost in ASDA at Christmas time, trying to save a friend's cat that nearly fell into the dock and discovering the proverbs on the huge beams across the canal for the first time.

Keepsakes Boxes 
Our new participants began work on their Keepsake boxes while planning what they could put in them. Meanwhile everybody else finished decorating key landmarks and putting finishing touches to our map. 

We felt really proud to show off our work to Bridgwater Mercury photographer who came to take our picture.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Second session 17.08.11

Your Memories
''I remember the street parties we had. For the Silver Jubilee of the Queen's Coronation I remember many planning sessions in the skittle alley of the Malt Shovel.
On the day Halesleigh Road was decorated throughout with flags and bunting and many windows sported red, white and blue. I remember I wore out a sewing machine helping to make the bunting...
The tables were laid out in Halesleigh Road but the party was for Provident Place, Coronation Road and Victoria Road as well. ...
It was a very happy time and a wonderful community spirit.''
Margaret Bulgin

Our Canvas
We continued adding key built up areas, and also the boys worked on the resevoir.

We added decoration to our buildings and the station, and begun working on logos to depict the main schools.

New participants decorated their boxes while thinking of important memories to put inside.

Our first session 03.08.11

Your Memories
Inspired by the presentation on the 20th July some of the Active Living participants met up independantly to document their memories triggered by previous discussion. 'The war' and 'your favourite place' sparked all sorts of recollections and these were shared at the start of our session.

Our Canvas
In our planning sessions we had already determined the geographical area we swished to depict. I arrived with main roads mapped out and work begun on decorating the roads with layers of tissue paper.

Memory Boxes
Each participant decorated their box, exploring layering and letting colours mix creating new and interesting color combinations and textures.
Once their box was completed they began work on decorating key landmarks: the Blake memorial statue, the town hall, the arts centre, the museum, the hospital and the library.

We also decided which roads we wanted incorporated, so that I could draw them in ready for next session and we made careful notes of our memories and took photos ready to add to the finished work.